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Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a full-stack web developer, lover (and streamer) of games and game design, pressure cooker aficionado, React ninja, and have been making glasses cool again since 1997.

You should totally hire me.


chk(mark) web app screenshot

chk(mark) is a simple note-taking web app that allows users to write in Markdown, with the viewable note rendered in HTML. This full CRUD project makes use of a React/Redux front end, with a Rails API backend, and uses rexxars' excellent react-markdown module.

I undertook this project with the express purpose of teaching myself how to implement and build with Redux. Casting aside my usual React habits was difficult, but I now have a deep appreciation for how a library like Redux could simplify a larger project.

Moving forward, I plan on further refactoring for edge cases around large images and complex tables.

Lionbot mockup

Lionbot is a chat bot, allowing users to automate certain commands in their Twitch chatroom. When a Twitch streamer becomes popular, they often find themselves answering the same viewer questions repeatedly. Lionbot helps with that.

This project is a full CRUD JavaScript stack, using React for the front end. This was a group project, and really helped me learn good group git habits.

For a demonstration, use the 'demo'/'demo' username/password combination. In addition, you can see it working in my Twitch chat.

Wilderness Passport mockup

Wilderness Passport combines my love of the outdoors with my love for full CRUD web apps. This app allows users to add any of the United States' National Parks to their 'passport'. Once added, users can indicate that they have visited that park and receive park news and updates.

This project uses a full JavaScript stack, utilizing EJS as a templating engine. In addition, this project also makes use of the National Park Service API, which has taught me the valuable lesson of not basing a project on a terrible API.

Test Your Might screenshot

Test Your Might is my loving recreation of the Mortal Kombat minigame of the same name. Two players attempt to shatter the boards in front of their avatars. As the board material changes, the difficulty increases!

This project makes use of extensive DOM manipulation, primarily using jQuery. Future improvements include the players' ability to select characters and further refactoring.

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